Thursday, May 31, 2018

Listen, you ingrates!

Humans of Future Earthagonia,

As required by Space Transparency Laws, it has been decided to create a spacecast of our innermost thoughts and desires. Listen to the soothing, hypnotic tones of our voices and be not afraid to bow.

Click here to listen to The Cockroach Conservatory Spacecast Episode 001.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Diary of Lord Commander Patagonia


Due to the laws governing intergalactic supreme leadership open book laws, we have decided that it is in the best interest to share with you the innermost thoughts of the great Lord Commander Patagonia. Please enjoy the Diary of Lord Commander Patagonia as read by me, FearBot3000.

This is merely a clip from our upcoming space-podcast, The Cockroach Conservatory Review.

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Become a patron

Open up your auditory receivers for it is I, FearBot3000 - the perfect machine of perfect judgement, and I have come with a message from the One Just, Rightful, and Future Leader of Earth, Lord Commander Patagonia:

Two of our subjects, the weak and unwilling Chief Editing Human Instruments Andrew Hilbert and Trey Hudson, have turned our gaze upon a website called Patreon. They, underneath the heel of my very-expensive space boot, offered to share Andrew's Patreon with us so that we may benefit monetarily as that is what is required of existence on your pestilent planet.

Thus, becoming a patron on Patreon here will get you early access to our upcoming quality podcast material as well as Andrew Hilbert's Deerman series.

Remember, little creatures of an insignificant planet, that your support helps us dole out Earth dollars to those who toil under our harsh but just rule to provide you with intellectual things to put on your coffee tables so that others find you intelligent and thus, worthy of love.

Part with your money today for love sometime in the future.

BOOSPOOKY, 1: Haunted Pants by Andrew Hilbert

Welcome to BOOSPOOKY. A whenever audio recording of spooky ha-has and not so ha-has.